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Beautiful and sophisticated, but also daring and daunting!

There is a great chance that having a boudoir shoot feels well outside your comfort zone, but I promise it is worth it, and really just good fun and very relaxed. The session is all about you, leaving you feeling on top of the world! Maybe you are a bride to be and looking for a unique present for your future husband, maybe you are approaching a round birthday, maybe kids and everyday chores have taken over your life or maybe you have just lost your way a bit and looking to find your confidence again? Whatever your reason is, be brave and take time out for a boudoir experience - it is an exciting boost to your self-esteem, realising that you do look fantastic, just as you are, and you might just rediscover a sexy you in there as well. View a full boudoir session here

Boudoir is very individual, you might just want to go for a chunky jumper with your legs and shoulder out, or you might want stockings and suspenders – it’s your session, your choice. I will guide you through the whole process, from what to wear down to posing your fingertips.

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View more gorgeous boudoir images here... View more gorgeous boudoir images here...

Real women, like you, who don't like having their picture taken?

Every day women are subjected to images of celebrities, styled and airbrushed beyond recognition, and presented in fashions entirely impossible for us “normal” people to live up to. We fear having our picture taken because it might confirm our believe of not being good enough/pretty enough. This is why I take great pleasure in presenting “real” women with images they really like and want to take home. When you see your self differently, you start to feeling differently about your self, it can be very powerful, and may mark a change or new start in your life.

How to make a booking

Please contact me to make a booking. We can have a chat about where and when you would like to do your pictures, and I will take a few contact details. Subsequently I will send you an invoice for the session fee, which is payable up front to secure your booking. You can pay via bank transfer or by cheque. My studio is in Market Harborough, but I work as a boudoir photographer in Market Harborough, Leicester and Leicestershire.

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