Beautiful stock images, cheap stock image and even free stock images, there is so much talk about stock images, but are you missing this one really big opportunity?

I see so many articles at the moment about stock images, and I see lots of people asking where you can find free stock images. Cheap is a great price and free is surely even better, and wow it is all super quick, and what busy business owners wouldn’t like a quick fix!
The only thing is, however beautiful, spectacular and free a stock image might be, the brutal truth is that is just isn’t your business!
The next brutal truth is that every single time you put anything out there for your business, it is a prime opportunity to show of YOUR business at it’s very best! So why I wonder, would anyone waste such an opportunity and instead show someone else’s image that isn’t anything to do with you or your business?
I do a lot of professional photography training every year and I vividly remember one of the trainers saying “always be aware of where you are letting your own brand down”, and I feel by not even using your own images, you are truly letting your own brand down. In fact I feel you are failing to build your own brand at all 🙂
Surely you wouldn’t buy a stock image to replace real images of you and your family, so why would do it to your business?

Free images vs. images that will generate sales

It is actually very affordable today to get professional business images done, and not only will you have amazing marketing content showing of YOUR brand, you will also find that your ideal customers will respond much better as they as now getting to experience the real you! You might feel you haven’t got beautiful premises to use for a photoshoot, but a photographer will always be able to create gorgeous images for you regardless. It is a chicken and egg situation, you NEED fantastic images to grow your business, so please don’t wait for your business to grow and look great before you get some amazing images done.

The aim isn’t just to get free images on your website, the aim is to get images that will create sales for you. So please, do something great for your business and get a quote for bespoke images before you assume free is the best price...

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