Bump photo day Market Harborough

maternity photo day Market Harborough

Being pregnant is a special time, and even if you feel tired, unglamourous, aching and heavy, I promise you beautiful images - a great way to help you remember this short unique part in your life.

£20 studio session - 6 places available 11/04/2015 at my Studio in Market Harborough

45min session, with two different outfits/set-ups

Relaxed and fun experience

If you already have children they are of course welcome to come as well, and so is your partner

Lovely selection of typically 20 images to choose from

Greatly discounted pricelist for products (from £35)

Opportunity to mix your maternity images with newborn pictures (should you wish to also book for your baby).

Personally I do greatly regret not being in any pictures during either of my pregnancies. I felt dreadfully big and heavy at the time, but now in hindsight I know that is just a feeling and I wish I had some pictures of that short and unique time. You never know, you could be carrying the future prime minister or an Olympic medallist, so go on book a place!

Who can attend this event?

If you are NCT or with Una's Pregnant yoga classes you are welcome to book your place for this day.

This is strictly by appointment only, so please do get in touch to book your space or ask any questions. You can email me on dk@dorte.co.uk or phone me on 07984492246.

Special prices for this event

There is absolutely no pressure to buy anything from your session, but you will be invited to view your pictures, and if you do wish to buy any the following greatly reduced prices are available (anything from my normal price list is of course also available):

One 9" x 6" print, hardback mounted ready for you to frame, and a web friendly digital version suitable to share on Facebook or your phone £35

One 9" x 6" collage with 3 images of your choice, and a web friendly digital version suitable to share on Facebook or your phone £45

Two 9" x 6" prints, hardback mounted ready for you to frame. Two high resolution digital files to print from your self and web friendly versions to share on Facebook or your phone £65

All the digital files from your shoot in high resolution, both colour and black & white versions £125