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Congratulations if you are expecting a baby. This is the biggest moment in your life and a fantastic opportunity to get those heart melting newborn images you can treasure forever.
You only really get one chance to book the right newborn photographer, and I feel privileged being a specialist newborn photographer in Market Harborough. “I wish we had real newborn pictures” is the most common phrase I hear, it’s a fragile time, and easy to miss. However, over the years I realised no one ever says “I wish I had more baby pictures in baskets, props and hats”! And as our own boys grow older, I personally wish we more natural newborn pictures, that really captured their features and expressions. As a result I have gradually adjusted my style of these sessions.

Newborn Photography

You have a newborn for a couple of weeks

Newborn baby

Newborn photography – it is more than just a sweet picture

Those first few weeks with a new baby go by in a blur. Emotions are all over the place, you might be sleep deprived and life has just been turned up-side down. There is simply no way for us to keep hold of this time in life, and it just slips away before we manage to catch up.

Being able to refer back to gorgeous images of you with your newborn can make a big difference later in life, and as your baby grows up he/she will love to see those pictures as well.
Mum’s often don’t feel like being in the picture, but I have not yet had a mum who didn’t like the pictures afterwards – there is something really special about a mum and her newborn and I always include these images in my sessions… and dads and siblings of course. 

You have a baby for a year

Older babies

It’s really easy to miss the boat for newborn pictures, but you can still have gorgeous baby pictures. If you baby is a bit older, you might get smiles and other cute expressions. You might feel a bit more confident about going into the world, and siblings might have adjusted a bit more to the new baby. I offer some special “Baby joy” mini sessions for babies ages 8 weeks to standing. Baby photography for older babies

Older baby photography

You might feel excited, emotional and overwhelmed rolled into one, which I why I ensure my baby sessions are really relaxed, especially for new mums.

my approach

 Newborn and baby photographer Market Harborough and Leicestershire

My little movement is all about getting mums into pictures, we don’t feature nearly enough! 
It has taken quite a few years, but everybody arrives at my studio now expecting to be in some of the pictures, and it lights my heart up!
I meet mums all the time who says “I’m so pleased you made me get in the picture a few years ago” – and that is the secret, you have to be in the picture today, so you can discover and love those pictures again in the future. 

My studio is specifically set up for babies. It’s light and bright and warm, so give you a good experience!

My sessions are very baby led, and there is always time for baby to have a break, a cuddle or a feed.

I am here to make this easy for you! I can help you plan what to wear and what to bring. I will do all the “posing” and all you have to do is love the images at the end.

Baby images become the icon pictures over time, they are the pictures that we keep on the wall for the longest and love the most.

My newborn studio is in Market Harborough, with private parking, but I work as a newborn photographer in Market Harborough, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.








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