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Family Film

It’s like taking a picture and pressing play, and you are immediately transported back to that moment, with the movements and the sounds. It’s like bottling a little moment so everyone can revisit it forever.

I guess it’s a hybrid between the old camcorder recordings and the modern photography session, but until you have watched your own family film, it might feel a bit intangible.

Have you watcher your children watch themselves on video? They can’t help but smile and typically want to watch it again the moment they reach the end. There is something powerful about children being able to see them selves with their family, being part of the family – like a magical external view.

I read somewhere recently that we are basically forgotten within three generations. People pass and their stories go with them. Family films will become heirlooms that provide new generations with a window into their heritage. Imaging being able to watch a little film of your parents when they were children, interacting with their parents? Where you could see their house, their bedrooms and their favourite toys, experience their everyday moment?

What could we film

There are different options. We could add snippets of footage to your location photo session. Or we could create a longer more dedicated family film around your house, and around the activities that are currently significant to your life. They might be small things like baking and playing, or there might be something more defining about your family like a generational family home, horses, music or cars?

Maybe you are in the phase with two young children and it all feels hard, but making a beautiful film will provide forever reassurance that you had those wonderful connected moments, that you were absolutely good enough.

Perhaps you are gathering all your extended family, which is the perfect opportunity to capture everyone in both still images and on film.

How does it work

We set a date, and have consultation before your session where we can work out ideas for what you would like to include. Where should we film, what activities would you like. Maybe you would like to include your home as well as another location?
On the day I come and spend some time capturing your family together. Great opportunity to put the screens down and all do something lovely together, and I just happen to be there documenting it for you. It will feel very informal on the day, there is no “stand there and smile to the camera”.

What will you get

You will get a set of images as well as the final film. The images will be casual informal images that reflect the film, so they will feel quite documentary, again no “stand and smile”, although I am happy to do a portrait of the kids if you would like to include that.

Example family films

This is an example of adding snippets of family film footage to your location golden hour photo session.

The moment you bring your second baby home, and your parents have come to support you. These beautiful grandparents live on the other side of the world, so including them in the film was a real treat. I would highly encourage you to include your parents in your family film, 2020 taught us some big lessons…
This is a relatively short and simple film of a baby sink bath, but we still managed to include the grandparents which I love.

Maternity film, or Bump family film if you prefer…

I fell into creating these maternity films really. During Covid I did a lot of outdoor maternity photography, and hardly any other sessions were really able to go ahead, so I started making films, because we had the time and they look so mighty beautiful.
They are particularly entrahling when you incolve children too, and I think having your “last” baby is different, it feels significant knowing you have no plans to ever be pregnant again. And you might even have those guilty feeling surrounding your child having to share your attention with a new sibling – it’s defintiely a phase in life worth capturing.
Or maybe it’s your first pregnancy and you really just want to do something extra special, and record your thoughts and expectations – in fairness I would no doubt indulge in revisiting my expectations of having kids before we had our first 😉
You could even combine a maternity film with a baby film and have the best of both phases.

What’s your idea

If you have a loose idea get in touch, and even if you have absolutely no idea but just like the look and feel of this, just get in touch and I am never short of ideas 😉
I don’t have capacity for very many big family films, so it really is worth booking/planning ahead for this kind of session.