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All-inclusive baby phography

This is your chance to pick up an exceptional value baby session. Most families miss the opportunity for newborn pictures, so these sessions are aimed at babies aged 3-12 months. They are short studio sessions, with approximately 30 minutes of photography.

£249 what’s included?

You get the digital files in colour and blacl&white and a beautiful 10×8 Fine Art Print of your choice.
I estimate 10 images from your session, depending on the age of your baby.


Simply book your place below with the £49 payment. The remaining £200 will be invoiced when your images are ready for delivery.



If you are familiar with my work, you will know that I will always include parents in some of the images (you will be grateful in many years from now), and siblings are welcome too, although please do be realistic with your expectations for the short time allocated.

Because of the time limit, extended family isn’t able to attend these sessions, and I would always recommend outdoors for big families anyway.


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Maternity film, or Bump family film if you prefer...

I fell into creating these maternity films really. During Covid I did a lot of outdoor maternity photography, and hardly any other sessions were really able to go ahead, so I started making films, because we had the time and they look so mighty beautiful.
They are particularly entrahling when you incolve children too, and I think having your "last" baby is different, it feels significant knowing you have no plans to ever be pregnant again. And you might even have those guilty feeling surrounding your child having to share your attention with a new sibling - it's defintiely a phase in life worth capturing.
Or maybe it's your first pregnancy and you really just want to do something extra special, and record your thoughts and expectations - in fairness I would no doubt indulge in revisiting my expectations of having kids before we had our first 😉
You could even combine a maternity film with a baby film and have the best of both phases.

What’s your idea

If you have a loose idea get in touch, and even if you have absolutely no idea but just like the look and feel of this, just get in touch and I am never short of ideas 😉
I don’t have capacity for very many big family films, so it really is worth booking/planning ahead for this kind of session.