Branding photography & video

branding photography and videography

If you have gone to a lot of effort styling your branding photo shoot, you might as well get some video branding material at the same time!

You might not need a big promo video, but video content is a vital part of marketing, and getting tiny short snippets for social media use is a brilliant way to squeeze that little bit extra out of your photo shoot.

This is a tiny selection from a shoot I did for the beautiful brand Gaia, who sells baby nursery furniture. The shoot is all style in my studio, and I feel having mums with babies in the images takes them from boring product images, to emotional and engaging pictures.

Finding that golden line between pretty and authentic as always a careful balance act, but adding the mums and children means we could shoot a mix of images, some more “polished” and some with a natural lifestyle feel.

We captured a few snippets of video of each set up too, and created these super short videos for social media use.

If you are interested in doing a styled branding photography, with pictures and video, please just get in touch. I love working with brands where there is an overlap into my family work with mums and children!