How to not hate being photographed – for mums

How to not hate being photographed for mums

Even you, who hates being photographed!

Can we just remember that it isn’t being photographed that’s the problem, it’s typically seeing the pictures that we can’t handle. Now remember that everyone around you, your family, friends, colleagues and strangers all see exactly how you look day in and day out (no filters, no perfect angle), the only one who is surprised and unhappy with how you look in the pictures will be you… I promise there are plenty of effortless ways to be in pictures with your children.

1. If you REALLY hate it

The more you do something the easier it feels. If this is really upsetting to you (I have seen very grow up women in tears at the prospect of being photographed) start out really simple and be gentle on your self.

Start on a day when you feel good, and with someone you feel will have empathy with your situation – this may not be your partner, they might just want to get back to what they were doing and they might not be as invested in this mission as you! Maybe ask a friend or your sister, if you don;t want to hire a photographer.

Start small, be very small in the frame, so small that you can’t see the flaws you would usually pick on immediately. If you take a picture and you are too visible, do it again further away until you are ok with it.

Not looking at the camera makes it all feel less intimidating too.

Don’t talk! Talking gives is very bad expressions, just smile!

Turn the pictures black&white, for some reason we often much prefer to see our selves in black&white, like it removes us a bit from reality.

2. If you don’t like it, but you wan’t to do it more

You know this stuff is important, your kids are growing like someone is fertilizing them and you want to get into these pictures! Try these…

:: Go for cuddles more than “stiff stand and smile to the camera”, looking at your kids.

:: Go for action, maybe walking, blowing bubbles, reading a book, twirling, swinging around, jumping of sand dunes… what ever is meaningful and relevant to you.

:: Sitting down feels different to standing up, might feel more chilled to you?

:: Go for close up pictures, sometimes coming in really close will make less of you visible and keep focus on the kids, but you are still very much there emotionally.

4. Let go of expectations

Have fun with it, don’t let it ruin your day if this time the pictures don’t come together. If your kids aren’t in the mood move on and try again another day. We have tons of muscle memory when it comes to pictures, if you feel like you are forcing it, feeling it’s “fake” then you will always have that emotion when you look back at the pictures. Just hang out and be cute together!

3. Print it

Pick at least one picture with you in it and print it out. Put it in a place where you will see it often, every day. the more you see your self in pictures, the more you will be aligned with how you look and next time you are photographed it will look more familiar to you. Honestly, this one is huge.

5. Example gallery of mum effortlessly being in the pictures