Spoiler alert; If you are broody this is probably not the post or video for you. This is pure and natural newborn photography, with a video sprinkle of newborn heartbeat, yawns and stretching and curling up, all those heart-melting features we want to bottle forever…

My newborn styling is always quite understated, but this time I wanted to take it back to nature even more, and just shoot a series of very pure and natural newborn pictures. The Internet is full of newborn images, but I have realised the ones that stop me in my tracks are the ones all about the baby, and less about the props. Still gorgeous images, perfect for displaying around your home, but most importantly perfect for remembering every little natural details about your little one forever.
I have put together a very short video from the shoot, just because I wanted to show that there is no “magic”, just beautiful pure and content baby. I love the jerky newborn movements, the life confirming little heartbeat so obvious while she sleeps, and I love how she stretches and yawns and curls up when she briefly wakes up, squinting her eyes in the light but then instant goes back to sleep – these are the magical newborn moments, I hope you enjoy it.

Some of the final newborn images

I work as a newborn photographer from my Market Harborough studio, but I also offer newborn photography at home throughout Leicestershire and Northamtonshire. You can find out more about my newborn photography here .