Drone photography Leicestershire

It’s everywhere, drone photography and drone videography, those wow images from new angels and new heights and it is all very exciting.

I have passed my NQE course for commercial drone flying and now waiting for my CAA application to be processed and the final permission to come through. Adding the drone to my current lifestyle photography and cinematic work will be a perfect mix and enables me to create those wow shots for my customers. I will be offering drone services throughout Leicestershire and Northamtoonshire, so if you have a business that could benefit please get in touch.

What businesses is this for?

There is scope for this is lots of businesses! You might have a business set in gorgeous grounds or natural beauty that you can show off. You might cover big areas, or you might be offering outdoor activities like families cycling through the woods, climbing walls, sailing, sports or golf. Perhaps you have quality holiday lets on beautiful areas or impressive big properties. Perfect for farming with big fields and machinery, and for vine yards with rows of vine. Lifestyle footage on the beach and children running and playing... Lot of opportunities!

How to use it

More often than not the drone photography and videography will be a small part of your marketing. They will give some wow elements from different perspectives. Use snippets of drone footage in your promotional videos and in your printed marketing and social media. You might already have a photographer or videographer, but just need to add the drone element.

Working with other photographers

I am more than happy to fly the drone for other photographers. Often photographers just need that one or two wow images or snippets of wow video for a project which doesn’t really warrant jumping through all the (financial) hoops of acquire a drone for commercial purpose. I am happy for you to have the footage and files to incorporate into your own work and apply your own post production look and feel.

How does it work and pricing

Flying the drone for commercial use does require some ground prep. If you have worked with me before you know I’m not a “turn up and wing it” kind of person anyway, I always turn up with a prepared shoot list, but for the drone it is even more involved. I will have a chat with you about what you have in mind and where we will be flying. I will need to check for no fly zones, any events going on in the airspace that day, weather forecasts and complete a full risk assessment.

If the space is open to the public it will be helpful to have extra staff available to help out on the day.

The drone is a “good weather only” kind of mission. If it is raining or too windy I can’t fly it, but your footage wouldn’t look great anyway, so we will wait for a nice day! I charge my usual £45 an hour to fly the drone, but there is an hours work in preparing to fly. As a guide if I shoot for an hour there is an hours post production, sometimes a bit more for video. You get perfectly finished images and video back, polished and ready to use in your marketing. The battery life is short on the drone so we wold rarely fly it for more than one hour, but overall expect me to be on site with you for two hours. Please just get in touch with your ideas and I can do a quote for you. Needless to say I am fully insured to fly the drone commercially.