Profile photographer

Most women hate their profile picture, imagine having one you actually quite like?

It will be quick and easy, I promise you won’t find it awkward, and most importantly, you will like the outcome. Women are not good at this! We somehow have this dream that perhaps one day (when we happen to be dressed nicely and have our hair and make-up done of course), without us looking, someone will capture a lovely natural picture that we can proudly display on our profiles. The truth is you are in for a long wait and most likely it won’t ever happen. Men on the other hand, just phone up and book me, and within a week they have a fresh new profile picture and won’t need to worry about it for another 5 years! So ladies, don’t feel bad or guilty or look for excuses, just go ahead and get in touch. I can do either just a studio profile picture or a full personal branding session.

Head shot studio session £95

:: All the files from your shoot in high resolution colour + black/white suitable for printing on your marketing materials :: Smaller versions resized ready for web use. :: Expect between 5-10 final images from a head shot shoot. A head shot session typically takes about half an hour. I will send you a session guide at the time of booking with ideas for what to wear, and you are welcome to bring a change of clothes, if you would like a mix of professional pictures and some more casual ones. I promise it will be entirely pain free, and I will help you with posing and expressions and all that awkward worrying stuff! I photograph people every week who hate having their picture taken, you won't be alone! This service is available to private people as well as companies. If you are a business wanting several staff photographing, please contact me for pricing as I offer discounts for multiple people. I also offer personal branding and overall business photography to use across your marketing, you can find out more about my corporate photography here.

Online profile photo gallery

See more professional profile pictures See more professional profile pictures

Natural professional profile pictures

It is more and more important to display a professional image for example on LinkedIn, Twitter and your CV (did you realise you are more likely to secure and interview if you include a picture on your CV?). You should treat your online profile as your “personal brand”, what does your current picture say about you and/or your business? Perhaps you are self employed and need images for your website and business cards. Corporate images are no longer stiff boring “blue background”, but beautiful portraits that will make you website look much more attractive and trustworthy. Maybe you just need a good pictures to display on more personal sites like Facebook, forums and dating sites, so take matters into your own hands and book a session. I can also do a full business profile for you, with high resolution images for all your marketing materials. Seeing is believing when it comes to setting up and running your own business. Create a look, a brand, a feel with strong professional images.

How does it work?

A profile session at the studio doesn't take long, 20-30 minutes. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes, if you would like a mix of professional pictures and some more casual ones. When your images are ready, you will be able to view them in a private online gallery and choose the ones you would like. More about pricing here.

How to make a booking

Please contact me to make a booking. The session fee is payable at time of booking to secure your date. My studio is in Market Harbrough, but I work as a business profile photographer in Market Harborough, Leicester and Leicestershire.