Most of the women I work with have a story, and very often how they feel on the inside is different from how they look to the outside world. This is particularly true for this group of amazing women who all suffer from Crohns and/or colitis. A true inspiration!

I work with lots and lots of amazing women with amazing stories, and I love how meeting inspirational people leads to meeting other inspirational people! A couple of years ago I had a lovely girl book me for a boudoir shoot, and during her shoot a mesmerising story unravelled about her life with crohn & colitis, an illness that I really know nothing about. Her story stayed with me, we became good friends, I learnt more about the illness and she told me about a “get your belly out” campaign and about a year later I contacted our local Crohn&Colitis group about somehow working with them.
After meetings, tears and careful planning, we had a great group of girls of different ages, shapes and various stages of the illness. We all met up for a big charity shoot, armed with suitcases full of lingerie and a professional hair and make-up artist (who also suffers from crohns), and had a big busy full day shoot.
I am completely blown away by the stories of these ladies, by what they have been through, how they felt when initially diagnosed, how this effects their confidence and self-image and the immense impact this illness has on their everyday life. They put on brave faces, they carry on with life and when people ask them how they are they smile and say fine – but very often they are not fine and often they don’t feel fine.

This is the video from the crohn&colitis shoot, showing some behind the scenes as well as some of their gorgeous images, I hope you enjoy it.

A tiny selection of the stills from the shoot…

If you would like to find out more about crohn&colitis please get in touch with them through their website