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Cuteness even in potty training and sickness?

Any mum will know “everything is just a phase”, and strangely it turned out that even the phases I HATED the most, like potty training, carried sentimental value as soon as they came to an end...

I am not a very organic earthy kind of parent, I really do like everything clean and tidy and running on a schedule – I’m not proud of this, but it is who I am. This means I HATED potty training and anything that came with mess (but strangely I have no issues at all when newborns poo and wee on me during their sessions - different story!). Yet, when potty training came to an end it was a sign of my youngest growing up, more sand slipping through my fingers, and suddenly I did want to hang on to this phase; watch him chatting to him self on the potty and to those first little pants. We are all heartbroken when our little ones are poorly, but it is all part and parcel of being a mum, and rightly or wrongly I did also photograph these stages. I stumbles across these images the other day, when I was writing the initial “A day in the life of...” blog post, and they melted my heart, so thought I would share them, and encourage you to go and capture what ever stage your children is currently at... Look at how his little brother is close by when M was poorly on the sofa, bringing comfort and care. 3D4A1239AS 3D4A1241AS 3D4A1245AS 3D4A1254AS 3D4A1105ASBW 3D4A1112AS 3D4A1118AS