Mumpreneurs, entrepreneurs, mighty hard workers, super multi taskers, call them whatever you want, there are lots of us who are mums with one hand and running our businesses with the other, and there in something really inspirational about other people’s stories, so here is the story of a local mum setting up her event management business.

Jo asked if I could do some professional head shots for her new business, but I had no availability on the days she had childcare, so I said to bring her little prince along to the shoot. This doesn’t exactly fill us with a feeling of high flying professionals, but reality is, we are juggling two roles! I hope you enjoy Jo’s story and this little behind the scenes from her shoot.

Jo’s story

I've been selling for over 18 years in various industries; Recruitment, Corporate Hospitality, Conference and Events, Web Development, Marketing Services, HR and Health & Safety Consultancy. I have enjoyed working for organisations and running my own business, both previously and currently. I have been lucky enough to be given responsibility to create sales activity and marketing campaigns with successful results. I have worked at many prestigious venues, which have enabled me to use my creative skills as well as developing new business and new business opportunities. I had been very settled into a Business Development role for a fantastic global brand/organisation and fell pregnant, I hadn’t quite anticipated how much having our son would change both our lives, for the better. The moment he was born I just knew, I couldn’t return to working full time and being away from home, away from him and missing all the special moments, I appreciate that some parents have no choice, they have to return to their full time employment. However, there are also others who are lucky to have parents still alive, or relatives that can step in and assist. As we moved away from our home town when I started my last job, it meant we were away from my husbands family and longstanding friends. Mumpreneur photo shoot Mumpreneur head shot Mumpreneur_photography Mumpreneur profile picture 3D4A0970 - CopyASWEB mums with small business Small business start up Toddlerpreneur So, when my request for returning to work part time was declined, we decided that I would set up Sheer Edge Ltd, we would somehow juggle business, childcare and make it work. I’ve had many job offers along the way, but I think its so important to try my best to make the business work. It’s been over a year now since we made that decision and I have no regrets, i’ve seen our son grow and watched the magical stages of development. Don’t get me wrong, I have probably set about it the hardest way, with no investment, no immediate client contacts to call upon, as a family we’ve really had to restrict our spend which is hard with a child. But i’m encouraged that we have regular clients who are booking with us and are seeing a regular increase in awareness and interest. Both in the hospitality booking service and event services. I think it’s important for clients to know how hard you’re working for them, how much their custom means to you, which is why it’s a good thing for them to know we have a new addition to our family. What it takes for you to juggle a business, child and being you. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Follow Jo on Facebook Follow Jo on Twitter Visit Jo’s hospitality & events website

Have you got a dream of setting up a business?

Maybe you have already started out, or maybe you have a plan? The key point is to accept that it isn’t the easy option. It is a lot of hard work, but also very exciting! First step in making a business happen is looking the part, and great images goes a long way here. You might feel more like a mum a lot of the time, but you can still look like a professional business to your customers! Please do get in touch about getting you started with a broad set of images perfectly showcasing your business. Good luck!