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Time is like sand through your fingers, especially with your second or third baby

Babies are fantastic, but they develop so quickly in that first year, and you want to remember every little stage as much as possible. Suddenly they will be sitting, crawling, walking and you will wonder where time has gone. Mum's dedicate their life to looking after their babies in those early years, yet we never get to see all those cuddles and kisses and special moments. More about baby photography...

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What age is best for photographing baby?

Newborn The first 10 days are hands down the most magical time, to capture something really unique, to keep forever. In these first few days of life your little one looks totally newborn, with perfect little features, but unfortunately they change and disappear in a flicker of a moment. It is like sand through your fingers, so capture this moment! I genuinely believe you will treasure your newborn images forever, and marvel over them every time you see them, for the rest of your life. This really is not a stage to miss! It is important to contact me before your baby is born. Find out about my work as a newborn photographer here I also work as maternity photographer, please ask about discount for booking your pregnancy and newborn shoot together.

14 days - 7 months Once baby is “beyond newborn” and up until crawling, I focus on elements that shows development mile stones, for example being able to hold their head up, exploring hands and feet, sitting up etc. It depends on the type of images you are after, if you have your hopes set on images with a beautiful smile, then wait until your baby is 6weks+ and you know you can trigger those smiles. Consider the difference in images of a young baby “only” able to lie down, compared to images of a slightly older baby able to sit up and explore the world around them. If you had newborn images done, perhaps you are happy to wait for baby to sit up before your shoot. But if you missed the newborn images, you will probably want to get pictures as young as possible.

7 - 10 months All babies develop differently, but at this age most babies will sit up very well and start to crawl. It can generally be a good idea to get baby pictures done before baby starts crawling, as it gets harder to keep them in place and looking up. This age is lovely to photograph because they are now very curios and will explore everything with great intensity.

10 - 12 months Baby will probably be able to stand and perhaps even walk a little bit now. It is a lovely age to photograph because real personality is starting to shine through. But this is also an age where patience is attention spans are very short, so often it works best doing these shoots outside, with more space and opportunities to vary the activities.

How to make a booking

Please contact me to make a booking. We can have a chat about where and when you would like to do your pictures, and I will take a few contact details. Subsequently I will send you an invoice for the session fee, which is payable up front to secure your booking. You can pay via bank transfer or by cheque. I offer baby photography in Market Harborough, Leicester and Leicestershire. I occasionally have special deal for mini baby sessions, please double check in the special offer section.