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Lifestyle family photography was where it all started for me. This was the style I originally fell in love with and wanted to do, and I still love creating these images for families. I don’t see myself as a kids photographer, I photograph mums with their families, and I feel there is a difference! All too often a family shoot means great pictures of the kids and mum feeling awful about how she looks, so I work hard to ensure that doesn’t happen. I will obviously create lots of gorgeous pictures of your children, but it is important to me that mum likes herself in the pictures as well. Perhaps because we now have two boys of our own, I am realising more and more how I cherish our pictures of them. Every time I find pictures of them, even if they were only done 6 months ago, I feel so grateful that I have those pictures to remind me of their growth and development. However, like most mums, I hate being photographed, (and there is a gap of a couple of years where I don’t exist in hardly any pictures with the boys), but I have realised that as long as the focus in the picture is on me being with the boys, not on me as such, then I am fine with it, and those are the pictures I love them most. This is why, I focus on family photography and the emotions and relations ships in your family, so I can get mums to exists in photographs with their children and partners without feeling awkward or put on the spot.

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How does it work?

I have a few different private locations that I use for my lifestyle family shoots, or I can come to you if you have a great setting. The location and what you are wearing makes a big difference to your shoot, so depending on what you are after, we will choose the right setting and styling. It is roughly a one hour shoot. I encourage a change of clothes, so you get great variety in your images, and we will do a couple of different spots within our chosen locations. It is all very chilled and enjoyable, kids have a lovely time and are generally far more relaxed because we are outside, compared to a studio session.

How to make a booking

Please contact me to make a booking. We can have a chat about where and when you would like to do your pictures, and I will take a few contact details. Subsequently I will send you an invoice for the session fee, which is payable up front to secure your booking. Once I receive payment, I will send you details of how to get the very best pictures, including tips on what to wear. My studio is in Market Harborough, but I work as a family photographer in Market Harborough, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.