How to make your everyday activity into beautiful marketing material

Turn your every day business task into beautiful marketing

I bet there are tasks you perform daily/weekly/monthly/annually without even noticing. To you they are just part of the job, but there is a good chance these activities are part of your key message and you could turn them into amazing marketing material. Let me show you an example…

I shoot for Ashley Farm Shop, but I am also a customer there, and last week I was chatting away to Sue as she kindly allowed my youngest to feed their hens, and she tells me their new chickens are laying blue eggs. Instantly questions spring to mind, how come the new hens haven’t been on their Facebook page? Why have the blue eggs not been on their Facebook page? “Ohh I didn’t really think of it” says Sue, I just collect the eggs every day…
I leave the shop with six new blue/green eggs to take some pictures for them, and yes I did get carried away, but it occurred to me, there is a lesson here for all business owners, this isn’t just about eggs! This is about how the sizzle sells the sausage and how you make the very most of showcasing your business and your message every day. And, it means easy valuable content for your social media!

So first question is, what kind of sizzle will be suitable to sell these eggs?

There are immediate five stages to photograph:

:: Collecting the eggs, a great reminder on Facebook that these eggs are collected fresh every day from their very own, very free range hens!

:: The actual eggs, especially the blue/green ones, but even a basket full of normal eggs looks fab.

:: Show some of the people behind this family run business.

:: The lifestyle, feelings these eggs will bring. People don’t buy eggs to keep them, they buy eggs to eat them, to cook with them. So, importantly for the customer, they will get the most amazing yellow eggs that taste fantastic. How much more satisfying is it to make scrambled eggs when it comes out in a deep beautiful yellow colour, just like the ones you would get with your breakfast in an expensive boutique B&B! But there are other elements, by choosing these eggs you are supporting animal welfare as these hens really do roam freely on a huge area, and live the high life of hens and you are supporting a great family run local business.

Second question is, what is your brand and your message?

What do you and your business look like? Photographing an egg might not immediately sound particularly exciting, but you can take this in a lot of different directions! What are your colours? Are you light & bright / dark & rustic / earthy / minimalistic / lifestyle feel / people / families or perfectly styled and curated for the immaculate Instagram account?
So here are some different ways you could photograph eggs, all comes with a slightly different feel and message… a different kind of sizzle…. Perfect to use across all your marketing materials. I could also have had a family enjoying these eggs for breakfast, I could have had ladies that brunch, there are endless opportunities here, it just depends on what you want to show.

You need to know your target market, who are they and how do they like their eggs? For Ashley Farm shop, some of these might be too Instagram manicured, as their style is probably more suited for the more natural and organic images, but I was on a mission to show different options here.

Here we go again!

At the end of chatting about the eggs Sue randomly mentions that she is off to dig potatoes next… well that is just another perfect opportunity! A key selling point right there, perfect for showing across their marketing! Apart from growing your own, you simply don’t get potatoes more fresh than this…

There you have it, a few examples of how you can turn your everyday business activities into beautiful marketing, just by documenting the job you are already doing.

Please get in touch if you have an idea, or maybe even just part of an idea…