Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Gift Guide Christmas 2022 Market Harborough

My annual little gift guide featuring some of the lovely local brands I have worked with this year 😊

My annual little gift guide featuring some of the lovely local brands I have worked with this year 😊
The ideas are all perfect to give and perfect to wish for. Just make sure people know what you would like.
I have really narrowed down my commercial work this year, so admittedly most of these are family/baby related but some are absolutely for everyone!

1. Just Chill Thermals
¾ of the year I wear base layer, I’m such a cold person! Just Chill are lovely soft and warm. They come in lots of different designs so you can always find one to wear underneath anything, even a dress with a v-cut back. Their leggings are amazing for all levels of “mums supporting kids outdoors sports activities” during winter, I wear them for volunteering at the Park Run!
Brilliant presents from a family business based right here in Harborough.

2. Hambleton Hall
It’s a total privilege to shoot at Hambleton Hall. Have you been? The staff are incredible and of course the food is sensational (obviously I never eat anything until after taking the pictures!).  You could gift lunch, dinner or an overnight stay – anything here is a real luxury gift!

3. Baby Lurve
Anyone expecting a baby or anyone with a baby in the house will love a gift or voucher from Baby Lurve. We are incredibly lucky to have a big shop like this in Harborough where you can go and get professional advice from Natalie while having a real good look at everything. Everything from blankets to car seats and furniture too.

4. Ready Baby Go
How you come across Gemma yet? If you are expecting a baby in 2023 you should most definitely have Gemma’s antenatal course on your wish list!
If you already have a baby check out Gemma’s events throughout the year including wine tasting and cocktail making. Most definitely a cool present to give!

5. Gaia Baby
Award winning and beautiful nursery furniture that grows with your baby. If you feel a full set of nursery furniture is too big a present they also do lovely baby wrap carriers – highly rated by the models at the recent shoot.

6. Essentially Blended & Laura baby massage
Massage for you and massage for baby!
Laura deserves two entries really because I want to highlight both her businesses. The beautiful thing about Laura is that everything she does is so thought through, with immense attention to detail. It won’t just be a massage, it will be a massage with essential oils and a heated bench – you will positively float out of there.
If you are looking for a gift benefitting both mum and baby give someone a baby massage course. Lovely small calm groups that will be a real treat to attend every week.

7. Mhudge
Have you discovered this fudge yet?! Forget about the poor-quality fudge you normally get, this is the real deal, and full of different exciting flavours! My favourites are Nutcracker (new this year with nuts and marzipan) and Cherry Amaretto!
Mhudge is sold in Ssnug, West Lodge, the Langton Greenhouse, artisans of Uppingham and Weltons in Great Bowden, but if you are after larger quantities for commercial use just get in touch with Rose.
Amazing for hampers, stockings and for that friend who deserves a little boost.

8. Avanti candles
Avanti has been with me for quite a few years now, and I really enjoy their products! Candles, reed diffusers and wax melts. They are vegan, more sustainable and eco-friendly. No nasty smoke or colourings and they have a lovely little crackle going on – top hygge!

9. West Lodge
Give an annual pass to the farm to any family with young kids and you have just provided them with somewhere free to go and entertain the kids week in and week out all year! Our own boys practically grew up on the farm and I can’t recommend it enough. Hands down the best place to take your kids around here.

10. Get Lost In Nature Glamping
Did you notice these guys pop up this year? They have set up a beautiful glamping site in their own woods, perfectly nestle between tall tress with views across the fields. It’s a real working farm with sheep and cattle so you can enjoy the authentic farmer experience. The facilities are amazing, brand new kitchen, bathrooms and even a huge communal table and seats (covered) and a snug with a wood burner! The big fire place for making smores is a given. Contact Sara to get a voucher for someone to enjoy a little local get away.

11. Me

Just going to sneak my self in here too, because honestly I think a voucher for a shoot is a fab present. Especially the Baby Joy is a perfect present to anyone with a baby under 12 months. Wish for/give to your parents or partner, make it into an extended family session? Everyone will benefit from those pictures 😊

I still maintain that buying photo vouchers for friends is often a bad idea. If they are required to pay extra on top of the voucher in order to get their pictures, they should really choose the photographer themselves! And don’t ever fall for the “cheap/free shoot with a free print” those are usually the most expensive presents you can ever give anyone…

I’ll send you a pretty voucher in the post, please just get in touch to buy a voucher of your choice.