I always come back to the same thing – mums in pictures! I photograph babies all the time, and regardless of how a session pans out, I always come away with picture of both baby and baby with mum, and I simply don’t think I will ever tire of these pictures, would you?

Remember, you will only have a baby for a year, so don’t miss out on getting some fantastic pictures to treasure for a lifetime and to pass on to new generations. Maybe you missed out on newborn pictures, or maybe you suddenly sense just how quickly your baby is growing up and changing.
To me it’s the combination of baby pictures and having mum in the picture that tells the full story!

This is divine 8 month old baby Willow and her beautiful mum, who came to the studio and kindly agreed to share their shoot.

I completely understand that mum’s don’t always feel like being photographed, but at the same time experience shows me that further down the line these images will be priceless to her.

You can never 100% plan a session with a baby, and unexpectedly Willow went to sleep in her mums arms…. What’s not to love about these?

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I work as a baby photographer in Market Harbrough and on location in Leicestershire. I occasionally have special deal for mini baby sessions, please double check in the special offer section.