Do you want to take your own images, but they aren’t coming out how you want them to? You might be taking pictures for your business, or you might be documenting time at home during lockdown.

I have the opportunity to submit my work to the Master Photographers Association that I am a member of, and it is hugely beneficial to me (and recently helped me gain my Asssociateship qualification), so I thought I could offer similar support to you, during this crazy little time.

How it works

You can email me up to 3 images. You are welcome to ask questions, like why is this looking too dark, why are the shadows like that. Or you might have seen an idea, but somehow it isn’t coming together when you try it out. Let me know what you would like input on.

I will record a video with the images and reviews, which will only be available to those who submit to it. Please do notice that your images will be visible to the other people submitting, but this means you get to learn from their images too.

You can submit either business images or family images.

Email your 3 images to by lunch time Monday.

I will email you the link to the final review video on Wednesdays.

If you are unsure about anything please just get in touch :o)

You can also join my free course on documenting your Corona stay, with tips about what to capture, story telling and some fun ideas