Is your service somewhat intangible? Do you find it tricky to know what images to us for your personal branding and marketing?

Sue Hambleton offers a range of services including Health Kinesiology, Intolerance Testing, Gut Microbiome Reset Programmes, Energy Healing, Healthful Heartful Living Workshops and Ascension Reiki Courses. These are all quite intangible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t photograph them.
It is always more powerful if you can show people what you do visually!
And just like any other business, you want to show who you are and what you do. Anyone new to you, will be curious to see your workspace before making a booking. Every image you use in your marketing will help build credibility and reassure people about your business and how you operate.

This is a small selection of image we did for Sue during her personal branding photography session. These are taken at her work space at The Manor in Tur Langton.
We did a mix of working images, some of her tools and of course some headshots. A big mixed library of images, ready to be used across Sue’s marketing.

What impact do you want your image to have? What message do you want to send?


You can find out more about my personal branding photography and videography work here.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your idea, please just get in touch.

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