Specialist? Don’t you just just pop a sweet baby in a pretty basket and hey presto, lovely picture? Newborn pictures melt you heart and they might look easy and effortless. The truth is that newborn sessions are the most difficult part of my photography, and by far the most time consuming!

For me though, it all goes well beyond the sweet picture. Weddings are nice, but I believe the most important day of a women’s life is the day she has her first baby. It is an exciting, emotional and overwhelming time. We go from being (somewhat) confident and successful women, and then overnight we become mums with a baby that is now dependant on us 24 hours a day. Nothing will ever prepare us for this, and ask any mum, and she will say the hardest thing in the world is being a mum! Those first few days and weeks go by in a blur and it is hard to keep up with the emotions, and try as we might it is impossible to remember and hold onto that very brief initial newborn stage, and that is what I give mums (and dads); an invaluable set of images to look back at. To see herself with her tiny little baby in those early days. I feel genuinely privileged to do these images for people!

Specialist newborn photographer Market Harborough

As a specialist newborn photographer, my sessions begin long before baby arrives...

Before... I work really hard to create individual session, so you images will be unique to you, so lots of preparation happens long before the day of your shoot. I have a lovely studio in Market Harborough, that is specifically set up for newborns. I predominantly use natural light, as this is my style and it means the studio is light and bright and welcoming. Of course I have public liability insurance and professional equipment, including professional macro lenses to capture the tiniest of details. I arrive well in advance of my sessions to ensure the room is heated up to be nice and toasty for your baby. I have a wide range of rustic baskets, soft blankets, cute hats and pretty hairbands for you to use. I prepare at least three different set-ups with carefully colour co-ordinated props, to match whatever we have spoken about and you might have requested when making your booking.

During... There is no set time for my newborn photography sessions. Everything we do is on baby’s terms and there is plenty of time for feeding, nappy changes and cuddles. I am fortunate to have two young boys myself, but I have also done professional training with some of the very best newborn photographers in the country, and apart from being confident handling your little diamond, I am also extremely carefully about the health and safety! Some of those sweet pictures you might have seen on the Internet are not real pictures. They were created by the parents holding and supporting the baby and then the parents hands were removed afterwards in Photoshop – please never ever attempt to do those poses with your newborn at home, you could really compromise the safety of your baby. Some of those poses I don’t actually offer as I find them too unnatural. You will be present throughout the session and will get to watch me carefully pose and photograph your baby – it’s a great opportunity for tired new parents to just sit back and enjoy your new addition to your family.

After the session... Well immediately after your session, I go home with a ton of washing… so please don’t feel bad when your tiny one wees on my blankets 😉 On a more serious note, I will go away and personally select the very best images from your session, and I individually process each image to ensure I am entirely happy with all of them. When you come back to view your pictures, typically two weeks after your shoot, you will see all your pictures in both colour and black/white and I will prepare some suggestions for how you might be able to group your pictures together for great effect! There is no hard-selling or any pressure, it is just a lovely opportunity to see beautiful pictures of your baby. I offer lovely carefully selected products, of high quality, perfect for keeping your newborn pictures safe for generations, including prints, digital files, albums and wall art.

Being a newborn photographer is special, and the pictures are really special. I have personally got baby pictures up around our house of both boys and those early pictures are mighty precious to us! I feel I can confidently say that no one will ever regret having newborn pictures done! However, if I had a £1 for every time someone says “I wish we had newborn pictures done...”. There are lots of people out there willing to photograph your newborn, but please do be critical and choose carefully, you will only have one chance, by the time you view the images your gorgeous little newborn will no longer be newborn.