25 ways to utilise your images from a commercial photo shoot

Ideas for using your commercial images

The obvious thing is to use your professional images on social media, but you would be foolish not to squeeze every little opportunity out of your new amazing images…

You have taken the step to invest in beautiful pictures, and the more you use these images the better your brand and business will look everywhere. We often let our own brand down somewhere; do you feel a bit twitchy perhaps when handing over your (old) business cards, or do you give out your website accompanied by excuses of it looking out of date? Mine is LinkedIn, I am not on top of that at all! Well, here are 25 ideas for utilising your professional business images that will all help your business and marketing look fantastic.

1. Social media

It’s the obvious one! Social media is a bit like a bottomless pit for content, and super time consuming. New fresh images are just the easiest content ever, and as a bonus they make your business look great and they are yours, which carries a lot more credibility than stock images. I can deliver your images back resized and with your logo on them, ready for use online. Or maybe we can add some clever wording and messaging on your images for you?
On average you will get 100 images from a shoot, so if you post every other day that will be enough images for 6 month…

2. Website

As we spend so much time on social media we often forget to maintain our websites (me included!). More often than not people will excuse their website and/or be in the process or redesigning it. Well images will make or break your website, especially today as they are more image heavy than ever. And we all know that strong images, tells your story much better than words alone.

3. Flyers

Small flyers to hand out in addition to your business card, is a perfect opportunity to showcase your products or services. However people aren’t likely to give your flyer a second look it is isn’t instantly visually attractive.

4. Brochures

You might be able to do your own, or maybe you have a graphic designer working hard on a spectacular looking brochure, and you will already have images perfect for this use.

5. Business cards

There is hardly any space on a business card, but adding an image is a simply opportunity to actually show what you do and at the same time build your branding.

6. Post cards

I LOVE postcards. I love receiving them from people with little messages or thank you notes, and I love them even more if they have pretty pictures on them. Why not make some postcards with own images and give to customers as a present or give out at events or networking situations. Not only are you handing something out, people will most likely give it to a third party, advertising your business!

7. Vouchers

Everybody likes a voucher. And a voucher with a beautiful images, looking valuable, will be appreciated and maybe passed on as a gift.

8. A-board

Use your brand new images on A-boards outside your business. Or at events, or outside the venues or locations where you are working or perhaps at events you are sponsoring?

9. Signs

Have you thought about having a professional looking sign outside our premises? You never know why will spot it, and images attract more attention and sends a stronger message than just your logo.
Or if you are a larger business, maybe use your images on signage around your business or grounds.

10. Car stickers and branding

Make a great looking decal to go in your car window! How often are you parked behind cars and reading their advertising in the back window? Or get your whole van branded with great images!

11. Window decals

Use your widows as a marketing opportunity. Window decals are not very expensive, so you can update them throughout the year and they are super easy to remove without leaving anything sticky behind!

12. Pull up banner

Use your new images on pull up banners and look more professional that the competition at events and shows. The images will be high quality so you can print them on larger items.

13. Exhibition stands

Because your images are big files and good quality, unlike your mobile phone pictures, you can use them on exhibition stands. Any exhibition designer will tell you to go for strong visuals rather than text, which no one will read anyway.

14. Desktop background

Do your customers see your desktop PC, laptop, mobile phone or iPads? Look that little bit more professional with some great business background images! Might be a good talking point if people spot your screen.

15. HTML emails

All the marketer tell us how important it is to build email lists for marketing use, and having great images will make your html emails look brilliant!

16. Posters

It is going to be a poster kind of year! Turn your images into gorgeous gallery style posters and hang them at your venue/business/premises. You might even be able to hang them at other people’s premises as wall decorations, but with your logo on them.

17. Press kits

If you are serious about growing your business and hope to be features in the press and media you will be ahead of the game with a press kit. Have brilliant images ready to send to magazines, and never feel a last minute panic to gather up images when an opportunity suddenly comes up!

18. Gallery for your iPad

Always be ready to show off your work! Have you got a gallery showcasing your products/services on your iPad and/or phone? Make sure to add your new images to your gallery!

19. Credit card/payment cards

Most banks now offer you the option to use your own image on your payment cards. Just another little opportunity, to show of your business every time you hand over your business payment card.

20. Picture books / portfolio books

iPad galleries and screens are great, but there is something wonderfully exciting about a beautiful printed tangible book! Coffee table books are popular for a reason, so if you have a waiting area or attend networking events or exhibitions create an inspiring picture book with your own pictures. You might be able to leave a beautiful pictures book in waiting areas of other businesses as well?

21. Online magazines like issue

Use your images to create your very own magazine or brochure online, using something like issuu.com. Make them beautiful and they are great for emailing to customers and giving a high end wow experience.

22. Slideshows and videos

Video is sooo popular, so create a slideshow with your images and/or use them in short little videos. Images are perfect for the opening and ending slides of video, with your contact details and logo.

23. Google places

Have you listed your business on Google Places? If you haven’t already, you definitely should do, and there is a section for images outside your premises, inside, your products, peoples etc. These are the images people will see when they google your business, so use your professional images for this, to ensure your business looks it’s very best online!

24. Third part website

Are you listed on trade association websites or in online directories, they very often offer you to add image(s), and as you will be listed alongside lots of competition, you want to use your very best pictures!

25. Printed magazine adds

Advertising in magazines is expensive, so always use the best images possible to get the best impact. Often the magazine can offer help with layout of adds, but you will be responsible for supplying high resolution, great quality images.

There you go – the more you use your images, the better your business will look and you have squeezed exceptional value out of your commercial photo shoot.

You can find out more about my commercial photography work here , or get in touch to chat about your ideas.
And you can find out how to prepare for your commercial shoot here, to get the very best images possible.