Women in business – Market Harborough

Natural handmade soaps in Leicestershire

There is so much talent in our rural villages, with women running exciting small businesses, often from home or from small studio spaces. Marketing is hard when you are a small business, on a small budget, but giving your business a tangible look makes a big difference to the appearance of your business and marketing materials.

I really enjoy meeting women in business and hearing their stories. Often women have an ability to turn hard times into talent, and I find it very inspiring. My old marketing side does surface though when I meet other businesses, and I think there are some quick easy advantages to gain by having some good photos!

Personalised handmade cards and invitations by Pink Ink Creative

I believe good lifestyle images, will represent you and your business in a much more professional manner, and you are more likely to be taken serious by others businesses and networking connections if you look like a business, compared to the vague “oh, I just work from my kitchen...”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working from your kitchen, but you can still create a brand and give your business a look to communicate that brand message 🙂

Pam's lovely spinning school in Stoke Albany

Last but not least, make sure you have a profile image that matches your brand and business. Being visible in your business and marketing adds no end of credibility, and makes the difference between you (a professional) and some unknown dodgy eBay dealer.

Corporate profile images for online and printed marketing

More about my profile photography

Businesses featured on this page are:

Amara soaps - Natural handmade soaps in Leicestershire

Pink Ink Creative - beautiful personalised handmade cards and invitations

Learn to spin at Pam's lovely spinning school in Stoke Albany

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50+ & Fabulous day Market Harborough

50+ & fabulous ladies day out in Market Harborough

We had a fantastic day with fabulous ladies, and I just want to share a glimpse behind the scenes from this event.

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Professional make-up artist Jessica Strutt does make-up for my boudoir shoots, and we somehow got taking about how we both work with a lot of 50+ ladies and how we enjoy it. Jessica talks a lot to women about how skin changes when we get older, and in general women can lose their way a bit when it comes to make-up. At what age do you stop wearing false eyelashes? How do you move away from blindly doing your make-up the same every single day for years and years? So, we came up with idea of hosting a day, just for 50+ women where we would teach them how to do great make-up, and show them how fantastic they look by doing some elegant portraits of them.

We had 10 spaces and they filled up very quickly (including a couple of not yet 50, but still fabulous girls!)

One the day, everyone arrived with suitcases full of clothing options, make-up bags at the ready and full of excitement. Fuelled by chunky chocolate biscuits, teas and coffee the morning started with Jess showing everyone how to do a flawless daytime make-up, and everyone then had a chance to apply the techniques on themselves, with Jess on hand to help out. As the girls finished their make-up they moved on to having their pictures taken. We did a set up that looked great as an elegant portrait but could also be used as a professional profile image.

elegant portraits

elgant portraits or professional profile image

After a tapas inspired buffet lunch, Jess moved on to demonstrate how to achieve those smokey eyes look, for an evening out. There was a bit more scope for variation in the images in the afternoon, depending on what the girls had in mind. It turned out quite a few of them had arrived with a secret selection of lingerie and there were some brilliant boudoir shots at the end of it – some happy husbands at Christmas!

boudoir images

It was a very busy day, but both Jess and I loved every minute of it. The ladies were bussing and we are very appreciative for their positive contributions to the day. We learned a lot as well!

Here is some feedback from the day:

"Thank you for a lovely day on Saturday. It was indeed fabulous!"

"Liked all of it, Great make-up tips, lovely lunch, fun photshoot, nice company."

"Loved the boudoir photoshoot – was fun!"

"Everything was amazing. I can look at my self in the mirror and say not bad at all. I felt special having my photo taken."

"I loved getting the photographs taken and getting together with other women ans the ability to enhance our make-up was essential. The anticipation of seeing the photographs is a real buzz."

"It was all fantastic"

"I liked all of it! The make-up instructions was really informative and the photoshoots felt fun and relaxed. Made me feel more confident about doing my make-up and having my picture taken."

"I liked all of it. Learning about make-up application and all the clever tips."

"I liked everything, for the first time I feel I know how to apply make-up. I especially liked the boudoir photo session and a delicious lunch, thank you!"

Next event

You can see details for any upcoming days on the 50+ & Fabulous page"

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Mums are for life

mum and daughter photography Market Harborough

I entered into a bit of a “mums get into the picture” mission last year, and loved photographing mums with their babies and young children. But I quickly realised that mums with grownup kids are nowhere to be seen in photographs, why is that?

There is so much focus on young mums with young babies, but really mums are for life, not just for those younger years and for Christmas. And as we grow older and have children of our own, we only come to appreciate our mums even more, as we realise what they went through and gave up in order to have us and look after us. So my mission this year, is to get mums into the picture with their grown-up children!

Get your mum in the picture

Warming up to this new little mission I spent a while looking for a mum and daughter to do a shoot with, yet in the end they found me. This stunning girl walked into my studio one day with an equally stunning baby girl, and I was quite mesmerised! So not only did I get to photograph her gorgeous newborn, I since had the pleasure of her coming back into the studio with her own mum, and I had a ball shooting gorgeous images of the three generations – I genuinely LOVE these images, what strong and beautiful women!

mum and daughter photography Market Harborough

Get your mum in the picture

mum and daughter photography Market Harborough

A final note to the women looking at these images huffing and puffing thinking “it’s ok when you are beautiful and young like that”; even this girl came to me declaring that she hates having her picture taken and that she never likes pictures of herself.

Three precious generations, full of love and support!

Wouldn’t you cherish a series of gorgeous images with your mum/daughter? Wouldn’t your husband/dad love images like this of you and your mum/daughter? Wouldn’t generations to come in your family appreciate having these to look back on?

Big thank you to Kavita, your fantastic mum and baby Riya for letting me photograph you all!

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