From the picture desk – March 2021

From the MaHa Picture desk March 2021

March is Mother’s day! Not “once I’ve lost the lock down weight and had my hair done”, NOW is the time, now is always the time!

I know it’s predictable, but I simply MUST use March to encourage you all to get into a picture with your kids, and maybe even a distanced picture with/off your mum? Mums simply do not exist nearly enough in pictures with their children, and this is the best prompt all year ;o)

To the dad with the big camera

First up, to those dads with the big camera who are fully capable of taking their own pictures -amazing! However, it doesn’t count if that camera doesn’t come out of the cupboard! It also does count if you just take the picture YOU like taking. Let you wife/partner plan a real mini shoot for Mother’s day! It goes like this:

  • Let her find examples of images she would like on Pinterest, and then you take those (not the ones you like!)
  • Let her buy a new outfit for her self and the kids so they all match and look great!
  • Make an effort, go to a nice location (even if this is just a nice spot in your garden!)!

Tips for the reluctant mum

I know you don’t like being photographed, and I know it might feel stressful, but it’s important! Here are a few tips for getting into the picture without feeling super self conscious.

  • Be small in the frame – it isn’t just about the close up portraits, and there is less pressure from a distance.
  • Don’t look at the camera, look at your kids and smile, DO NOT talk – you want a nice soft happy/loving expression 😉
  • Capture the close up connections, the details. Holding hands, cuddles, baby on your arm – you might not even have your face in these, but they still count (as long as you ALSO do the other ones!)
  • Turn the picture black&white, we always prefer black&white pictures of our selves 😊
  • Manage expectations, run with whatever happens – it might not turn out exactly how you had in mind, but you will still love the pictures, especially as the years go by.
  • Do something your kids want to do – run, jump, read, play a game?

Take a picture of your mum

If all goes to plan, you will be able to meet your mum outside by Mother’s day, this is your perfect opportunity to take a picture of her – regardless of how much she might protest! And regardless of where she is at in life! Use the same tips as above, to ease her in.

Remote portrait of your mum

If you are still only able to catch up with your mum online, get her to go and face a window, so the light falls beautiful on her face, then ask her to just pause and smile at you (give her a big smile too) and then take a screen shot! It isn’t perfect, but it’s still a moment captured 🙂

Image examples

Yes I wanted them both to smile, but that wasn’t what I got. However, there is a lot of truth in how S refuses to be told to smile and M will do anything I ask! Try to run with what happens and embrace the personality that inevitably shine through. This pictures is terrible in colour, I took it with 100% intention to turn it black/white .

I could focus on all the fold around my neck, my bad profile or my pale legs. Or, I can use this as a reminder of how much I LOVE and CHERISH holding his hand! Being small in the frame like this is easy for anyone to do.

Be brave, do something that might look silly, it’s doesn’t matter. Delete the image if you have really dodgy expressions…

Have a cuddle, be small in the frame…

Holding hands and/or feet – they will only be tiny for a moment

Just look at your child and smile – don’t talk, just smile.

This is still a family picture, even if you can only see the parents hands.

We can’t pick them up forever, if you still have this luxury, take a picture of it.

You might have to sneak your moment with older kids.

Walking away is fine too.

You see what you choose to see

REMEMBER – it’s not called “find everything that’s wrong with me day” – that’s not what you are looking for in these images. It’s called “Mother’s day” – look for the mum with her children in those pictures!

Share you images #mahapicturedesk

And, don’t forget to share your pictures with us, use the #mahapicturedesk when you post so we can see them too – honestly I LOVE seeing the picture people create!

Till next month – when we are allowed out!!!

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