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The Bump Hour

I am all about getting mum’s into the picture, and the first step that I personally missed out on, was not being photographed during pregnancy, so I am hosting a new FREE quarterly “Bump Hour”! You can pop along and have a few images of your bump!

We simply ask for a £10 donation to the local Home Start, who do incredible support work with new mums, but apart from that there is no sneaky cost. I will take a few pictures of your bump and send you the digital file for my favorite 3 images. There will be coffee and cake and you will meet other local bumps too, so just very casual and friendly.

Behind the scenes video from our first Bump Hour event

When and where

The first event will be at my new studio on the 26th of June at 7pm-8pm.

The studio is on St. Mary's Road in Market Harborough.

I can't do this by my self, and I'm delighted to be hosting this event together with Jenni from Nurturing Mums East Midlands, and Natalie from Baby Lurve (just a few doors down from the studio). They will both be there to look after you and help you eat the cake! If you know a friend blessed with a bump, please do let them know about this opportunity.

How to "book"

In order to "book", please just follow this payment link to make your £10 donation (which I will pass onto the Home Start Team), and then drop me an email with your name, and your partners name if you would like to come in together, and we will get you on the list. My email is

We were originally using PayPal for the £10 donation, but not only does PayPal take a % (which I then personally made up for!), they are also very slow at handing the money over, so I have changed the booking process - apologies if this is slightly slower for you, but at least no one is funding PayPal.... ;o) here is the link again with the details payment link

What kind of pictures can you have

You can choose to either have some very casual pictures, or you are welcome to go for something a bit more dressed up - hair fan at the ready - it's entirely your choice 🙂 Here is a small selection of images from the very first Bump Hour event.

Any questions at all, please just get in touch, either via email or 07984492246.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Dorte, Jenni and Natalie 🙂

The Bump Hour Market Harborough