What if the baby cries?

Baby photographer Northamptonshire

The babies in the pictures look so calm and content, what if your baby feels really unsettled?

It’s quite misleading really that the newborn pictures look so beautiful and serene, like the baby just slept/chilled solidly for an hour while we calmly took those pictures and had a coffee. I promise the reality is that all sessions are different, and regardless of your baby’s personality we will create lovely newborn photographs for you.

I completely understand the worrying feeling of taking a brand new unsettled baby out and about. It can feel like everyone else’s babies just sleep beautifully while yours is a ticking little (very cute!) bomb – I had one of those babies!

But remember, I have babies in the studio ALL the time. The environment is very calm and I am there to help you! I can help settle the baby, I can work with awake babies, you have time to feed the baby and I can take pictures of babies being cuddled – no baby ever comes with the guarantee that he/she will just sleep for their pictures.

I roll with whatever the baby does. And IF it ever happens that the session is a total disaster, then you can bring the baby back another day – this has happened one or two times in all the years I have been a newborn photographer in Market Harborough – you will be fine!

This session is a good example of a gallery for quite an unsettled baby. He had a lot of colic and hence he was a bit older before mum and dad braved to bring him in, but looking at his gallery you would never know, and now they have these pictures forever.
In some ways you can argue this set of images are more authentic, this is genuinely how the baby was happy… here is a selection of images from their gallery

Newborn photographer gallery

A Natural Newborn session is perfect for a slightly unsettled baby, they are only an hour and a half long, so you know you will be safely back home soon 😊

Alternatively, I can come to yours if you feel more at ease in your own home. I travel as a newborn photographer throughout Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. You can view an example of an at home baby photography and film session here.