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Mum with one hand, running a business with the other…

Mumpreneur photography

Mumpreneurs, entrepreneurs, mighty hard workers, super multi taskers, call them whatever you want, there are lots of us who are mums with one hand and running our businesses with the other, and there in something really inspirational about other people’s stories, so here is the story of a local mum[…]

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A day in the life of…

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards” – I have practically grown up with these wise words by Soeren Kirkegaard, but they have never been more true to me than now… A common criticism of my type of photography is that it isn’t “real”. Our[…]

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Natural newborn photographer Leicestershire

Natural newborn photographer Market Harborough

Spoiler alert; If you are broody this is probably not the post or video for you. This is pure and natural newborn photography, with a video sprinkle of newborn heartbeat, yawns and stretching and curling up, all those heart-melting features we want to bottle forever… My newborn styling is always[…]

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Before, during and after…

Before and after photography Market Harborough

“Before & After”, not only does this title suggest that there is something wrong with the women “before”, but it also suggest that we do something secret and magical to transform her, and neither are true! Because of this dreadful connotation I haven’t really indulged in the whole “before&after”, but[…]

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Magazine fashion shoot

Magzine fashion shoot for Harborough Living Magazine

It is so very true that when you move outside of your little comfort zone, that is where you learn the most! I do lots and lots of lifestyle photography, but not so much fashion photography, so taking on fashion editorial shoots for Harborough Living Magazine was something new –[…]

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Featured newborn photography

It suddenly occurs to me, that apart from the parents, no one ever sees a whole set of newborn images. I might show a sneak peek of one or two images, but actually you get a really broad set of beautiful images to choose from, so here is an example[…]

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